Homemade lotion bars with no cleanup!

How pretty they turned out!

Okay, so these are still setting, so I can’t say how well they work or if I’m satisfied with the recipe, but I wanted to make my own chemical free lotion bars. So, I did some looking and finally settled on this super simple recipe from The Coconut Mama, but I didn’t want to deal with cleanup because my kitchen…

Embarissingly Messy Kitchen

To be fair, the stuff on the red towel is clean and laid out to dry.

My husband cooks and has no concept of clean-as-you-go which was indoctrinated into me as a small child. It’s frightening how things just land everywhere and I’m grateful we haven’t got food poisoning yet, but the food is absolutely delicious! Bacon wrapped filet mignon for breakfast today!

So… to avoid cleaning, I decided I’d put the beeswax (unmelted) and coconut oil (melted because it’s 100° outside) directly in the tins. To do this, I put the tins into my smallest crockpot. You know, in case things just spontaneously combust and explode. At least it would be small 😉

Things you need

  • Metal tins (I like these screw top lids)
  • Beeswax
  • Coconut oil
  • Essential Oils (I used mint & lavender)

First, I tried putting a little water in the bottom of the crockpot with the tins, so nothing would burn. That didn’t work. The beeswax didn’t melt at all. 🙁 *womp womp*

So, I dried out the crockpot, put the tins back in with no water. Waited a bit for the water to evaporate off the outside of the tins and put the lid on. The beeswax melted in about 30 minutes. I began playing bubble shooter because I got bored.

I put in about four drops of essential oil and I’m hoping that’s not too strong. Then I stirred the mixture with a wooden dowel – fine… with the back end of a kitchen match– put the lids on top so I wouldn’t confuse the two and now the lotion is set.

Clean crockpot

Clean crockpot… cheese grater, not so much.

For future batches, I think I could do this in 30 minutes of crockpot time and about 1 minute of prep time.

My crock pot is clean. The match is in the trash.

No clean up*!

**Okay, well I did rinse the Modge Podge off my paintbrush after gluing labels onto the lids.

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