Dictation and a commitment to being a writer


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So, I’m trying to figure out how I can write more, save my wrists, still walk the dogs, and appease MissFluffy Daisy  who demands that I cuddle her and instead of looking at the computer screen.  Dictation seems to be the way to go for this.

I even went so far as to why Monica Leonelle’s book Dictate Your Book*. I read it last night, and it is a quick read and give me confidence to try to write this blog post with dictation. In fact, I wrote it and then Dragon crashed on me  — oops! So this post is take two.

Actually, I used Dragon Dictate to input the structural edits on Urban Werewolf Book 1 three years ago.  Even without a headset, Dragon seems to be much more accurate than before. The only problem is I have an old version of Dragon with the newer operating system, and therefore it seems to be a little more unstable. It warns me every time I open it that I need to update to the newer version and it may not function properly. Unfortunately, since my husband and I are both students, and I’m exactly not in the financial situation to buy a brand-new version of Dragon right now.

All this said, I’m excited to save my wrists from cyclist palsy/inflamed ulnar nerve/cubital tunnel syndrome/whatever-else-you-want-to-call-it (numbness on the wrong side on my hands for carpal tunnel). Also excited to be able to pet the dogs while I write. Then Daisy and I will be both be happy.

Also, I’m ready to buckle down on the fiction thing.

This year’s word of the year is “focus” and my goal is to focus on two goals: school and fiction. The problem with that is the same problem with having multiple priorities. You can’t. School requires more than a full-time commitment (by which I mean more than 40 hours a week), and I’m having trouble focusing on school because I just want to work on my writing.

I think with Dragon and good processes in place, I could be one of those people kicking out six novel a year. I have a good process for writing, I’m working on editing process, and I have a good work ethic.

The problem is school is so demanding of my time. First, I’m on the quarter system. This means that we try to cram a whole16 to 18 week semester into 10. On the quarter system, I constantly feel  overworked, overwhelmed, and stressed. Then, when the quarter finally stops I collapse  and just want to sleep my whole break away. By the time I have energy again, the quarter’s starting all over again.  I have no time for myself, self-care, drawing, writing,  for anything other than grading and studying. Without any self care or enough rest, then I feel frustrated.

Besides, now I only want to focus on my childhood goal of being a writer. The goal that I didn’t pursue because I didn’t believe writers could make decent money. Now, with the whole self pub revolution, I’m going to make this fiction thing happen I’m going to publish multiple novels a year make a living with my writing.

Dictation is going to help me do this.






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2 comments on “Dictation and a commitment to being a writer
  1. I’m glad that dictation is going to help you tackle your dream and make it a reality! School and writing are tough to mix, but if you get some writing done regularly, then you’ll get to that dream.
    Best wishes on writing and getting that dragon to work properly. 🙂

    • MelCorbett says:

      Thanks! It seems to be doing pretty good with the non-fiction, I’m having more trouble getting my head around dictating fiction, but I hear that’s normal.

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