Sick fluffies and other news

Hello fabulous readers. I hope you’re all doing well today.

Over the last few days, both of our dogs have been throwing up and having diarrhea. Fun stuff! On Saturday Minnie had diarrhea so bad that she pooped all over the bed and it splattered onto the wall from where she pooped on the bed. Daisy has thrown up pretty much every day, but for her that’s actually normal. We’ve already taken Daisy to the vet and get find anything wrong with her, the front blood work, tested her for  parasites, kissed her for urinary tract infection and all kinds of stuff. Best we can figure is that she has a sensitive stomach and if she eats too fast she throws up.

Minnie, however, is not normally sick so often. Also, she threw up a piece of plastic Saturday night after the diarrhea incident. So when she still wasn’t better we took her to the vet last night.


Waiting for Minnie to finish her doctor's visit.

Waiting for Minnie to finish her doctor’s visit.

Minnie & Daisy are ready to leave the vet.

Minnie & Daisy are ready to leave the vet.

Also, I’m still feeling really burnt out on school, but we’ve had a long enough visit from Negative Nancy. It’s time for some good news for at least some progress.

I’m about 70-75% done with the rough draft of this equal to Taken, creatively titled Taken 2. Also, I’m waiting to get some critiques on Grandmother’s (Magic) Ring. So, I’m hoping to get to short  stories out this month. That’s pretty exciting. Also, I’ve been working on the translation of my classmate’s dark short story collection, “ Idiot’s Karma.” If you speak Spanish, you can  buy it on Amazon as  “La karma de los idiotas”  by Juan Miranda. (Warning, affiliate link.)

Anyway, I’m really hoping that the dogs get better. Also, I’ve been trying to make better feng shui on the house. It may be silly, but I want at least the entrance of her house to the welcoming. And, honestly I’d like to get rid of some of the clutter. Whether or not that really makes the energy of the house better I don’t know. But even if it’s a psychological thing, I know I definitely feel better when I’m not surrounded by clutter and that the house feels welcoming. So, to that end I’ve been sleeping in front of our door at least once a week usually twice a week and trying to straighten up stop the truth is though, we have an awful lot of clutter because we go from a four bedroom 1400 ft.² house almost 1500 ft.² house, to 750 ft.² apartment you’re going to have too much stuff. Even after you get rid of well over half of the things some of the audience, in the house I didn’t believe in kind that much stuff. Boy did we ever. Anyway, were working on minimizing our possessions, keeping the dogs on a bland diet, and trying to stay motivated about school.


PS How does my dictated post look?


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2 comments on “Sick fluffies and other news
  1. Wow! You are doing so much! I love the idea of the feng shui entryway. We have a tendency to drop our bags in the doorway – all of us are guilty, husband, me, and kids. Agh. I keep thinking if I could just get all of us to walk five more feet and put it all somewhere specific, our lives would at least feel less chaotic.

    It sounds like your short stories are going places, which is awesome! Best wishes with those and your writing and school and for those sick fluffies.

    • MelCorbett says:

      Thanks! I am literally signing up for PhinisheD right now, and am hoping that will give me some motivation for the whole proposal thing and sticking with school. (Saw the email with your comment when I went to check for the confirmation email). Us too, and our apartment is full of clutter, but if I can start small, then maybe I can get things under control step by step.

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