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Well, I just got paid a whopping $.85 by Amazon a couple days go. That’s pretty cool actually, I’m slowly seeing my writing start to earn money. Although, I do have to admit that I would like to be earning enough to pay at least one bill or buy a cup of coffee.

Also, I have to admit that I screwed up the dates for the Insecure Writer’s Support Group. For some reason, I thought that the posts were every Wednesday not just the first Wednesday of every month. Oops!

That means you can check out my first two unsanctioned Insecure Writer’s Support Group posts here and here.

I’ve been doing a lot of focusing on the writer side of things and not so much on the school side of things. Still, I prettified my website by changing themes and making a lot of clickable images for my site.

Like this one:

Also, I really been having a go at GIMP last couple weeks, mostly photo manipulations, book covers, and that sort of thing. I forgot how much I love creating art too. I wish I could make a living full time by writing, drawing, and maybe making book covers. That would be amazing.

Grandmother's Ring - outlined

My newest book cover

To be honest, I was getting a little worried no one had read or bought any of my books for a couple weeks, then I got 193 page read just yesterday for one of my books. So that was exciting.

Anyway, I suppose this is kind of a rambling post. I guess I used up a lot of my insecurities in the first two unsanctioned posts. I’m sure I will build up enough insecurities for a good post next month.


Irish Claddagh Ring” by Phil Dubois is used under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0) License. The image has been resized, tinted, and combined with other images in the creation of this book cover. The original is available here:


Rights to “Hands-Gloves 6” by PirateLotus-Stock were purchased November 3, 2015. The original is available here:



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8 comments on “Rambling Insecure Writer’s Support Group
  1. Gotta love those 85 cent Amazon payments! At least they pay. Some other vendors won’t pay out until you hit a threshold. I think Createspace’s is $100. At the current rate my book is selling, maybe my kids will see that money by middle age…

    I love GIMP. I wish I had more time to fiddle around with digital art and covers, but I haven’t touched it in years.

    Keep writing, and stop making extra work for yourself with bonus IWSG posts! Unless you want to, of course…

    IWSG November Post

    • MelCorbett says:

      Thanks. I have to admit, 85¢ is much better than nothing, and it’s been going up slowly every month since I got more than the first Urban Werewolf Novella out. So… that’s a plus. Eventually, maybe I’ll make it up to coffee shop money. Look out world 🙂

      I used to do all kinds of cool things in photoshop and had a version of Corel that came with my printer… but, I couldn’t get my head around Corel and photoshop is expensive. So, I definitely love me some GIMP. I wish I had more time to play around and just make stuff like I used to.

  2. I think it’s a great post! I read one of your unsanctioned posts yesterday, but I’m not sure I commented. If I didn’t, I apologize for that. Sometimes, I’m trying to do two things at the same time – blog and talk to kids, blog and grade a paper, blog and dishes, blog and. . . well, you get the idea.
    I’m glad you’re earning money! I know exactly what it feels like to get that tiny paycheck from Amazon. It’s awesome and tough at the same time. I’ve had months that have been small change months, and months that earned me enough to take my family to dinner. I wish I could say that I was making a living, but I haven’t yet. However, I keep writing anyway, partly because I love it and partly because I’ve seen other writers start slow and build to that making a living point.
    So, let’s build up those dreams, right?
    And, I definitely think that if you have the ability to create cover art and you don’t mind starting with low prices and building up a base of customers, then charging more . . . I think you could get some really good business out of it. I think I read two IWSG posts yesterday about writers looking for cover art options.

    Anyway, I’m rambling away in this comment box. Sorry about that.
    Happy writing, and Happy artisting! (I’m not sure of a word for that)

    • MelCorbett says:

      You totally commented on the other post and it is much appreciated.

      That’s the plan, to keep building up the dreams. I’m hoping eventually the whole “long tail” thing will work and as I keep getting out more stories and books, that I’ll start making a little more every day. Maybe soon I’ll actually get a mailing list subscribing other than my husband. He’s awesome, but you know, two people on the list would be nice 🙂

  3. Congrats on getting paid! I think getting paid any amount for doing something you love is a positive thing to be celebrated. Hope it continues!!

  4. Glad you got a good check! Sometimes sales lag. Unless it’s a permanent lag, no worries – just keep writing and promoting.
    And yes, just the first Wednesday of the month. Welcome to the IWSG and admire your eager dedication!

    • MelCorbett says:

      Thanks for stopping by Ninja Captain! 🙂 I’m just getting into the swing of things around here, so hopefully life doesn’t clobber me away from writing again any time soon. 😀

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