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Beat the blerch2

My bib, day before the race… all pretty and un-smooshed. And autographed. Did I mention autographed? How cool is that?

So… I do triathlons and things like that, but I haven’t been training lately. Not really. So, I did the  Beat the Blerch half marathon on Saturday because I registered for it in April.

For those of you that don’t know, here is the blerch. Learn all about him by visiting the Oatmeal here.


Anyway, I haven’t really been training other than walking the dogs, running once a week until I fell, strength training, and um… biking to class… so, maybe I should have bumped down to the 10k instead of the 21k. 😀

I could have broken 1 hour on the 10k (which would be a PR I think because I’ve only done one other 10k), been less sore, and avoided the wonderful uneven wooden planks of Old Sacramento after more than 12 miles of running.

I also wouldn’t feel like I’d really pushed myself.

Beat the blerch

Me before the race. 😀 it was cold, so I opted for my thicker workout pants. That may have been a mistake.

So, I did the half. And on Sunday, my legs ached, my left foot was super sore, and for some reason running re-aggravated my shoulder injury. But… I ran a half marathon and I did it at what I consider a decent pace. I averaged 11:01/mile according to my watch… which actually, I think I did break 11min/mile average because the watch says I only ran 12.91 miles not 13.1… so if I’m doing my math right, then I ran 10:51/mile. If I were training, I would have shot for under 10min/mile, but I wasn’t. So… this is more than acceptable. The course may or may not have been .2 miles short. So, we’re still at 11:01. Not complaining though.


Starting line, with tower bridge in the background.

In other news, I feel stuck on edits of Urban Werewolf 2… and the sad part is, it’s just one scene that I don’t know what to do with. Then, once I get past that scene, it should (hopefully) be smooth sailing.

On the plus side, I just checked my Kindle Earnings report, I made enough to buy a cup of coffee! or maybe some soup on campus ($4.22USD + 35¢ CAD :D) 😀 Super exciting.

Thank you to my book purchasers & those who read on Kindle Unlimited.

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