Marissa Meyer’s Winter

I finally finished reading Marissa Meyer’s Winter the other day, the fourth book (or fifth if you count the Levana book?) in the Lunar Chronicles, Meyer’s sci-fi story-tale retellings.

Winter Marissa Meyer Cover

I have to say, I am totally satisfied. Ms. Meyer did not disappoint.

If you haven’t read Cress, skip this next paragraph:

Winter(Snow White) is pretty much crazy from the lunar sickness caused by not using her glamour; Jacin her huntsman is on the outs with Queen Levana after his time aboard Cinder’s ship (okay Thorne’s beloved Rampion); Scarlet is a prisoner on Luna; and Cinder & crew are getting ready to reclaim her throne.

Winter & Jacin and all the other couples risk their lives and shine in the spotlight as they save the world and their friends.

The only major thread that’s unresolved, that I must need see resolved is Iko.

Did I mention I love Iko.

She’s a fabulously loyal and enthusiastic character, and I think we’ve met her love interest in this book (it’s pretty obvious IMO when she sees the most handsome man she’s ever seen).

I’ve already pre-ordered the upcoming short story collection that promises to provide some stories from the past and some stories going forward with what happens on Luna. I’m hoping that Iko’s story with [redacted] is among these.

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