Year: 2016

IWSG: Avoiding Grad School Burnout

Acrylics painting women trees in bloom

Powered by Linky Tools Click here to enter your link and view this Linky Tools list… So, I missed my goalsetting post two weeks in a row. It’s not that I didn’t set goals the last two weeks, it’s just that

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Goals for week of 2/15/16

Welcome back to the weekly goal setting blog post! As I write (*ahem dictate* this, it’s Saturday, so technically there’s still a little bit of time to squeeze in accomplishing my goals “for the week.” I’m checking in right now because I’m

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Goals: Week of 8 February 2016

Hello fabulous readers of my blog! I just tried recording this, but it seems the microphone turned itself off in my pocket. That’s okay, Minnie and Daisy and I are on our afternoon walk. It is Super Bowl Sunday, so Steven is

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Stepping back from writing for awhile

Hello fellow insecure writers! This is my third time I’m experimenting with blog posting by recording my blog post and uploading the file for Dragon Dictate to transcribe it for me. Last time had quite a bit of issues, but

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Goals for the Week of 2/1/16

Hello! So here I am, getting ready to drive to a party I’m not sure I really want to go to. Nothing against the person whose birthday it is. I’m just worn out and have a bit of a cold.

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Goals: Week of January 25…. a few days late

I actually dictated this driving over the weekend, but… well, I didn’t import it into Dragon until yesterday, and I had the bloghop. So the goals were set, just not shared. 😀   Okay! I am going to try this record

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Storytime Blog Hop: If It’s Not Yours

This story is posted as part of the Storytime Blog Hop.     “Give it!” Meg tugged on the wand. “I found it, so it’s mine!” Kimmy shoved Meg away. Rip! Meg’s sparkly dress tore as she fell. Meg’s eyes

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Goals: week of 1/18

So, it’s Monday and a new week. My history list is taking longer than expected, so we’re still muddling through that. Still, I’ve got a lot of wins this week, so we’ll just keep on muddling through. 😀 Progress on

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Goals for Week of January 11

So, I realize I’m posting this a day late. I opted for an unplug day on Sunday with no work/school/writing/grading/computer. So, that was nice, and then I got sick yesterday and basically slept all day after I taught. And I joined the

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Storytime Blog Hop

Calling All Authors-Open Invitation Jan 2016 Participation in Story Time Blog Hop Check out the 1st Story Time Blog Hop founded by students of Holly Lisle’s How To Think Sideways: Career Survival School class in 2015. The first blog hop of 2016 is scheduled for

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