Goals: Week of January 25…. a few days late

I actually dictated this driving over the weekend, but… well, I didn’t import it into Dragon until yesterday, and I had the bloghop. So the goals were set, just not shared. 😀


Okay! I am going to try this record and import into Dragon dictate. I’ll just have to see how it works.

I think I continue my weekly blog post on goals this way.

So my goals for this week are:

  • go to the gym three times (update: I’ve already been once.)
  • Paint one picture (update: already started and well underway)
  • write 250 words on Taken 3
  • be more sociable
  • Edit Taken 2 for at least 20 minutes

school goals for this week:

  • list out textbooks used by different colleges
  • write up my sociolinguistics list
  • read the articles for my dissertation and put them into my grid that I’m making
  • use the library’s database of abstracts to research more find more articles to add to my reading list for my also
  • get to the point where I feel comfortable writing my introduction and lit review I write an exam for my students now the test next week

Sorry others my goals for this week unfortunately dictating I don’t have the list of my goals for last week but I can’t say I do not: yet. I did post a painting that I made last week, will… That I finished on Sunday. Whether or not you choose to believe Sunday last week or this week is your prerogative.

I read two articles for my proposal.

I slept pretty well to my no electronics after seven actually I don’t think I broke it at all last week.

painting a week: two color mermaid

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