Goals for Week of January 11

So, I realize I’m posting this a day late. I opted for an unplug day on Sunday with no work/school/writing/grading/computer. So, that was nice, and then I got sick yesterday and basically slept all day after I taught.

And I joined the StoryTime BlogHop and my post is scheduled for January 27th, the 4th Wednesday of the month. Future Blog Hops will be scheduled for the 4th Wednesday of the month every three months.. If you’d like to join, please check out my post about it here.

Progress on last week’s goals

My Mel Corbett Fiction goals last week:

• Write this blog post posted last Monday on schedule. 
IWSG blog post. Posted last Wednesday on schedule. 
Edit “Grandmother’s Ring”. Edited and published. It’s now for sale.
• Write towards a short story (I want to write & submit 20 shorts this year). Did not write towards a short story. 
• Make an Amazon sale 🙂 I have no control over this, so this is not a SMART goal (i.e. it’s not “achievable). I did publish two stories with the hopes of getting a bite, but no luck. 

Grandmother's Ring - outlined

My school goals for last week

Set up meeting schedule with my professors Set up meeting with one professor, need to produce my reading list before scheduling a meeting with second professor.
Finish grading hws for this week by Friday afternoon (that is be on top of grading) I did this. Small class size helps. 
Plan next week’s classes Friday Did this as well.
• Draft my literature review still stuck here. 

Other personal for last week goals:

Practice Self Care  I think I did good with the self care routine.   
• Establish & stick to a routine. I’m still tweaking the routine to get it right, but I went to campus and worked most days. 
Unplug at night I was successful with this. I think it will help prevent burnout.
Make a painting made a pastel painting
Prepare at night for the following morning. Prepped my stuff mostly laid out my clothes on Sunday and had my bag packed the night before. I did not pack my lunch the night before & the one day I did, I forgot it. … so we’ll keep working on this one, but it helps make a smoother morning routine.


I also read/listened to Marie Kondo’s The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up* and purged shirts on Sunday.

Goals for the week of January 11

Mel Corbett Fiction:

  • Write goal setting blogpost.
  • Edit and publish Earthbound.
  • Write towards a short story.
  • Request critiques of Earthbound.

School goals:

  • Phonology reading list.
  • History of Spanish reading list.
  • Be prepared for meeting with professor 1.
  • Email professor 2 & request article.
  • Finish grading for the week by Friday afternoon (keep on top of grading).
  • Plan next week’s classes on Friday.

Personal goals:

  • Unplug by 7pm
  • KonMari* pants & skirts
  • Make my dreamboard for the year
  • Prepare at night for the following day: lunch made, clothes laid out, bag ready to go
  • Make & hang a watercolor painting.

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