Goals for Week of January 4

I’ve been struggling with achieving my goals lately, so I’m working on making them public and holding myself accountable.

My Mel Corbett Fiction goals this week:

• Write this blog post
• IWSG blog post.
• Edit “Grandmother’s Ring”
• Write towards a short story (I want to write & submit 20 shorts this year)
• Make an Amazon sale 🙂

Grandmother's Ring - outlined

My school goals for the week

• Set up meeting schedule with my professors
• Finish grading has for this week by Friday afternoon (that is be on top of grading)
• Plan next week’s classes Friday
• Draft my literature review

Other personal goals:

• Practice Self Care
• Establish & stick to a routine
• Unplug at night
• Make a painting
• Prepare at night for the following morning.

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