Goals: week of 1/18

So, it’s Monday and a new week. My history list is taking longer than expected, so we’re still muddling through that. Still, I’ve got a lot of wins this week, so we’ll just keep on muddling through. 😀

Progress on last week’s goals

School Goals

  • Email professor 2 & request article. 🙁 did not finish list yet. Still trying to track down articles and such. 
  • Finish grading for the week by Friday afternoon (keep on top of grading). Done. And no new assignments until Friday 1/22!
  • Plan next week’s classes on Friday. Done!

Personal goals:

  • Unplug by 7pm For the most part I stuck to this. I did listen to music while cleaning a couple nights, but that’s it. (Unplug excludes the kindle so long as I am not downloading new books). 
  • KonMari* pants & skirts Not yet. Maybe this week. I was going to do this on the weekend, but then all my pants were in the hamper. 🙁 
  • Make my dreamboard for the year.
  • Prepare at night for the following day: lunch made, clothes laid out, bag ready to go. I did this 😀
  • Make & hang a watercolor painting. I made two. I did not hang them. I’m not sure where to put them.


This Week’s Goals

School Goals

  • Finish draft history of Spanish list.
  • Email Prof.RB  & request article.
  • Clean up research questions for new project direction.
  • Read 3 articles for lit review
  • Do all grading Friday 🙂
  • Plan next week’s classes on Friday

Personal goals:

  • KonMari* pants & skirts.
  • Work standing up if possible. (This is good for my shoulder and wrists).
  • Lift weights 3x.
  • Make a painting.
  • Go to copyshop – get dream board laminated & print business cards?

Fiction goals:


So that’s where I am with my goals and my goals for the week. What about you? What are your goals for the week? How’d last week go?

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