IWSG: New Year, New Momentum


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I’ve been struggling a lot with how to balance my fiction goals with school and teaching.

As far as school I’m really concerned about finishing my proposal on my new schedule and being ready for my exams this spring, but I also have some big goals for short fiction this year. I’ve been really stuck with my proposal and feel like I’ve just been grinding my wheels and avoiding it for awhile now.

I’d like to rekindle the joy I had for grad school and research when I first started my grad program. I’m afraid that I won’t be able to fan the flames of passion around this project and in truth, my goal at this point is to just get it done by any means necessary.

As far as fiction goes, I’m still super stoked about it and am excited to start building my list and my body of work.

I mentioned on Monday that I’d like to write & sub 20 short stories this year. I’m kind of tweaking the idea of the Bradbury Challenge because I need to balance school and writing and teaching. This is a bit less than a story every two weeks, which means in the summer or when I’m not teaching I can spend more time on writing, and when I’m studying for exams & prepping for that I can write less fiction or not at all if school workload calls for it.

I think another reason that I hit the wall or burnout or whatever you want to call it with school last year was that I didn’t take time to unplug, so I’m trying to unplug every night by 7pm and take time to draw, paint, play games with my husband, or pet my fur babies.

3 drawings in the last 3 days! we’ll see how long this lasts.

Pencil drawing

Was watching girl meets world. If you look close it’s vaguely Riley’s nose with Maya’s chin. Not intentional, but that’s what happened.


Husband was sorting magic cards, so he became the target of my pencil.


I stole the hair off one of the “expert guys” in “Ancient Black Ops” on net flicks. The rest, Idk where it came from.

I hope routine, structure, and forward movement help with the feelings of being stuck and wanting to throw in the towel.


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4 comments on “IWSG: New Year, New Momentum
  1. Lynn says:

    Hi Mel,
    Sure sounds like you have at least three major projects all competing at the same time for your attention. I’m thinking your a human being that is over committed. May I suggest you prioritize? Maybe, finishing your proposal on your new schedule and being ready for your exams this spring just has to take priority. Could you keep a note book of fiction prompts or index cards? Know the nuggets are sitting there until the time is right.

    Thank you for commenting on my ‘rage’ issue. It was a big help.

    • Melissa Corbett says:

      You’re right. That’s probably what I should do, but if I take that long off from writing, I’ve found I get very down in the dumps. For me, writing is an essential part of a good self care routine. I think I just need to limit writing time and focus on the proposal.

  2. Juneta says:

    Keeping the energy with a busy schedule is certainly challenging. I hope you find your passion again for school. Best of luck with your 20 short stories. I am hoping to write that many and finish at least one novel and publish in 2016. Best of luck to both of us, lol.

    Yup looks like it works right now. Happy New Year and Much Success

    Juneta @ Writer’s Gambit

    • Melissa Corbett says:

      I swear I replied to this on the backend, only for it to not publish and disappear… so, trying again.

      First of all, thanks again for pointing out my comments were down. Thanks for your best wishes 🙂 Good luck on getting published. I know you’ve got it in you, I’ve seen all the energy you put into your writing on Holly’s forums.

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