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“Give it!” Meg tugged on the wand.

“I found it, so it’s mine!” Kimmy shoved Meg away.

Rip! Meg’s sparkly dress tore as she fell. Meg’s eyes face turned red and her eyes filled with tears. Oh no! If she cried, Kimmy was toast. She was already in trouble for taking Meg’s princess doll yesterday.

“Here!” Kimmy said, swinging the wand at Meg. Sparkles came out the end, and Meg floated up into the air – her dress glowed. Meg shrieked. The dress became real silk with jewels sewn all over it, and the rip vanished. Meg sank to the ground.

“Oh my God!” Kimmy gasped. “Your dress!”

“Let me try with your dress!” Meg reached for the wand.

“It’s mine!” Kimmy jerked the wand back. Sparkles swirled from its tip.

“Actually, it’s mine,” an old woman said.

The woman held her hand out for the wand, but the girls kept fighting. The woman raised her hands over her head and shouted in a strange language.

Kimmy screamed and spun away towards Meg who grabbed the wand. Meg jerked back, falling with the wand in her hands. As she stood up, the wand pointed at the old woman and a wave of sparkles poured out. The sparkles lifted the old woman and spun around her, then the sparkles faded leaving a little girl with no front teeth.

“It belongth to me,” the toothless girl said. She was younger than them.

“Finders keepers losers weepers,” Meg said. She pointed the wand at Kimmy and bubbles flew out and Kimmy’s dress was as pretty as her magic dress. The two girls giggled.

The toothless girl lisped at them in the same strange language. Kimmy and Meg stared at her, waiting for something to happen, but nothing did.

“I’m too thmall!” the toothless girl said. “I’m too thmall to do magic.” She launched herself at Meg and the wand.

Kimmy stepped in her way and shoved the little girl down.

“I’ll never be a fairy godmother now!” the girl sobbed.

The girl flung herself to the ground and started bawling. “I can’t believe it! I jutht stopped for a minute and I lotht my training wand!”

If Kimmy’s mom saw, she was totally in trouble – and this wasn’t even her fault. Not fair at all. Kimmy approached the sobbing little girl.

The girl grabbed the wand, but Kimmy held tight.

“No, it’s mine!” shouted Meg grabbing hold. The little girl went limp. Kimmy leaned back. Meg yanked.


The wand snapped. Kimmy held the middle, the other two held both ends.

“See what you did?” Kimmy snapped.

Magic sparkles spilled from the broken ends.

“I’ll never be a fairy godmother now!” wailed the toothless girl.

The wand pieces grew. Sparkles swirled around the girls. First, the old woman replaced the toothless girl. Then, Kimmy’s back and hips ached. She looked at Meg, but an old hag wore the sparkly princess dress.

“You’re old!” old Meg stammered at her.

“No, you’re old,” Kimmy said, but her voice was scratchy like her grandma’s.

“You shouldn’t take what isn’t yours,” the first old woman said, then she vanished in a puff of purple smoke.

Broken Wands-crooked-small

If “It’s Not Yours” is the first story in my collection Broken Wands and other magic mishaps. If you liked this story, you may want to purchase the entire collection. 🙂


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11 comments on “Storytime Blog Hop: If It’s Not Yours
  1. Klynn says:

    I really loved that ending, Mel. Perfect end to squabbling children.

  2. Juneta says:

    What a fun read. Loved the training to be a fairy godmother. I enjoy it. Hope you plan to do more.
    Juneta Writer’s Gambit

    • MelCorbett says:

      😀 I don’t know. I hadn’t thought of coming back to this world, but you never know. I just might have to see what these squabbling children can get up to next.

  3. Rabia says:

    Does seem like a good lesson for those squabbling children! Thanks for sharing this fun read!

  4. Very fun. I guess they learned what you get for bickering over what isn’t yours. LOL

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