Month: February 2016

Goals for week of 2/15/16

Welcome back to the weekly goal setting blog post! As I write (*ahem dictate* this, it’s Saturday, so technically there’s still a little bit of time to squeeze in accomplishing my goals “for the week.” I’m checking in right now because I’m

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Goals: Week of 8 February 2016

Hello fabulous readers of my blog! I just tried recording this, but it seems the microphone turned itself off in my pocket. That’s okay, Minnie and Daisy and I are on our afternoon walk. It is Super Bowl Sunday, so Steven is

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Stepping back from writing for awhile

Hello fellow insecure writers! This is my third time I’m experimenting with blog posting by recording my blog post and uploading the file for Dragon Dictate to transcribe it for me. Last time had quite a bit of issues, but

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Goals for the Week of 2/1/16

Hello! So here I am, getting ready to drive to a party I’m not sure I really want to go to. Nothing against the person whose birthday it is. I’m just worn out and have a bit of a cold.

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