Goals for week of 2/15/16

Welcome back to the weekly goal setting blog post!

As I write (*ahem dictate* this, it’s Saturday, so technically there’s still a little bit of time to squeeze in accomplishing my goals “for the week.”

I’m checking in right now because I’m driving to the laundromat and, well I’ve already set my plan for today and written my to do list, it’s good to work on this and dictate this right now.

Progress on goals from last week:

  • Last week I wanted to read 10 articles for school — so far six or seven and I could read three articles today. The only reason I didn’t hit ten yet is because I’ve been reading a dissertation that’s about 200 pages. I read on this about three hours this week so far. I counted each chapter there is a chapter for each chapter there is an article, then I could say I hit 10 for the week, but I’m not.
  • I wanted to study for my qualifying exams. – I did work on this and made a poster about the four yod did a bit of setting.
  • I also met with my professor about my history of the language exams.
  • I did not grade all of the essays on Friday, but I am working on that today. And I’m hoping to get that done today so I can take tomorrow completely off from school as a self care goal.

For my personal goals, I wanted to focus on eating real food and taking care of self-care so I wouldn’t be sick anymore.

I did really good in eating only real food for breakfast and lunch. I prepared myself smoothies ahead of time – well, I froze all the ingredients into little packs that I could just toss into my jar add water and kefir and blend, and I made my lunch the night before and that worked really well for lunch.

Dinner… Dinner was another story. Wednesday night, we went out to dinner at Noodle88 and drink and ate a bunch of junk, including a Snickers Ice Cream Bar…. Thursday night, we went out to dinner at an Italian place and I had a pizza. My stomach’s been punishing me all the way through till Saturday morning eating the pizza and drinking and eating junk. So, I can’t really say that I did well eating real food for dinner.

  • I did good at making my weekly nightly gratitude list.
  • It’s Saturday and I have a yet worked on my painting, but hoping to do that today.
  • Not only did I sort through and throw out a bunch of workout pants and pajama pants and fold them Marie Kondo style, but yesterday I also went through my dresses and skirts. Now, I’ve been through all of my clothing excepting my shoes and eliminated that which “does not bring me joy.” Next up: books and bags.

Academic, teaching, and personal goals for the week:

(1) play with dictating fiction.

(2) lift weights three times.

(3) go swimming or bike twice.

(4) just eat real food.

(5) make a painting.

(6) make study posters and put them up around the house.

(7) read five articles.

(8) write a draft of my lit review — 10 pages.

(9) finish grading for the week by Friday afternoon.

(10) write two history of language answers.

(11) talk to Prof. Colombi.

I think that’s a lot of goals for the week. I think that’s a good plan and that’s the steps to keep me on track for what I need to do.


By keep playing with dictation, I mean I am going to keep dictating while I am walking the dog by myself, walking to the bus, or as the case may be driving to and from the laundromat.

My secret goal for last week was to dictate fiction — that didn’t work so well. I did, however, start brainstorming and not really outlining a listing on the scene so I need to get where I want my Taken serial to go. Once I have a list of scenes, I can make up beats for each scene for very brief notes for each scene. Then, from there, maybe it will go easier dictating the fiction.




Play along and set some goals. Friends, what do you want to accomplish this week? How will that help you reach your bigger goals?

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2 comments on “Goals for week of 2/15/16
  1. Robert says:

    Sorry about Wednesday. I was a bit broken after that too. But thankfully my non-real food usually is very limited. You’ve inspired me to clear out my junk too. I don’t want to be bogged down by the things that do not bring me joy. So I think I’ll set that goal. It’s been on my list of things to do for ages and it’s time to cross it off. Even when I do a small bit of it, I see how it affects me–it’s so freeing. Also, I will work on drafting some SOQs for new jobs. It’s time to move on from where I’m at. And with this beautiful weather–I want to get outside more.

    • MelCorbett says:

      No worries about Wednesday 🙂 Maybe 4 different alcohols over 5 drinks is a bad idea. Lol.

      Ooh. Good luck on the Statement of Qualifications 😀 don’t forget to update your resumé too. And you know, don’t forget to check out your ‘brag list’ 😀

      I totally hear you on the get outside more too. I think this is encouragement for me to go work outside for awhile now. I’ve been cooped up in my office all day so I can get some work done (which I am. I planned Wednesday’s class, worked on my history qualifying exam stuff & read one article so far today. Still got plenty more to do though.)

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