Goals for the Week of 2/1/16


So here I am, getting ready to drive to a party I’m not sure I really want to go to. Nothing against the person whose birthday it is. I’m just worn out and have a bit of a cold. But Steven’s already there, so… I’m going.

Chances are I’ll just have a good time and it will be okay. And Besides, I just drank a cup of tea. Caffeine and hot tea with a little bit of honey so that should help with the sore throat throat.

Tomorrow, I hope I can take a nap in the afternoon.

I’m still experimenting with this whole recording my blog post and then importing it via Dragon, so we’ll see how this goes.

Progress on Goals From Last Week

I read a bunch of articles, and I really feel like I’m beginning to pick up some steam on this whole making a literature review and writing a research proposal. And, I had a good meeting with my professor. I really am grateful for the weekly meetings keep me on track.

Unfortunately, I finally admitted to myself that I have to put my writing on hold so that I can focus on school. I really need to dedicate myself to school 100% right now. Then, after I’ve taken my exams and that my proposal and any experiments underway, then I can start thinking about fiction again.

Well, think about fiction in a more serious way again. I’ll still play with writing little drabbles and short stories. In the summer, I think I can still do the right write 20/sub 20.

I’ve also been painting in the evenings. Nothing too elaborate, just watercolors while we’re watching TV. I’ve been particularly pleased with how they’ve come out though.


And now you can buy prints of my work on redbubble.com

Okay, so three painting might not be a large body of work, but you can buy prints, journals, totes, clothes, cards, laptop skins, and a bunch of other things with my painting on them.

Prints are also available on ArtPal, but RedBubble has way more options, so that’s pretty cool.

Goals for Next Week

  • read 10 articles my research
  •  begin writing experimental procedures, at least with basic standards
  • keep putting articles need to my helpline, so that I know where things
  • go to the gym three times
  • go swimming once
  • bike to school if it’s not raining
  • unplug at 7 PM
  • eat breakfast every day — even if it’s a smoothie
  • prepare my lunch for the next day the night before
  • go through my just Jean and now one every condo says, “do not going. As that it went really.
  • Work on commands with girls
  • Reach out to professors to round out my exam committee.


**side note, dragon needs a lot more training or there’s way too much background noise while driving**

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2 comments on “Goals for the Week of 2/1/16
  1. Juneta says:

    Great goals. Nice water colors.

    Happy IWSG
    Juneta Writer’s Gambit

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