Goals: Week of 8 February 2016

Hello fabulous readers of my blog!

I just tried recording this, but it seems the microphone turned itself off in my pocket. That’s okay, Minnie and Daisy and I are on our afternoon walk. It is Super Bowl Sunday, so Steven is at the nephew’s birthday/Super Bowl party.

I can’t go because I’m sick. I do seem to be on the mend though. I hope… That tickle in my throat from my Saturday turned into a full blown head cold included was becoming a chest cold and threatening bronchitis. Not a big deal, it usually happens with me but because of that I’ve been fighting back taking my expectorant and using my humidifier.

However, because of the head cold, last week, I was not as productive as I would have liked. It makes it really hard to read when your head is pounding and your eyes just want to shut because you want to go back to bed.

I did read six articles for school which is a win. Just not as much as I would’ve liked. I went swimming once and went to the gym twice. Would’ve gone a third time for the executive decision was to rest* to get over the stupid cold.

For the most part I did good trying to eat healthy, not so good packing my lunch the day before. Pretty good, with making progress towards most of my goals.

  • For my school goals I set up a meeting — tried to set up a meeting with some the professor for history of the language – We’ll see. It will work out.
  • Met with my professor.
  • Read nine articles towards my proposal.

**hang on somebody’s being lazy punk and wants to lay down here in the park. We have made it to a park bench to sit for five minutes. **

My personal goals for last week: I went through my workout pants and throughout the ones that Marie Kondo says do not “bring me joy.”

I did okay at turning off my cell phone and computer after 7 PM. Could have done better at that but most days I did turn it all off. (this excludes TV because I can’t get Steven on board with that & the kindle because the kindle’s basically just a book).

I painted and shared a picture.

Magic Map Makers

These guys were inspired by journaling with my fluent self stone skipping card. I came across the question one day of bubbles how can I have more bubbles my life are what do bubble symbolize something like that

on the next day, the question was what do I need more of in my kingdom. And I started journaling practical things and then this idea popped into my head that I needed math makers and so I wrote my makers and then I followed up on the question by trying to determine what our mapmakers. The image I had of the mapmakers, was these little guys in 18th-century maybe 17th-century sort of Italian style clothes. Floating around on bubbles drawing maps of my interior kingdom. So, this last week I painted them.

My personal goals for this week:

(1) make a new painting

(2) fold my workout pants and Marie condo style and put them in the bottom drawer of my dresser

(3) turn off all my electronics after 7 PM

(4) last in practice self-care, so that I kick this cold

(5)  eat real foods. I’d say eat paleo-ish, but I do have planned for my lunches to be eating hummus which isn’t technically Paleo.

Goals for school and teaching:

(1) plan all my classes on Friday.

(2) finish grading by Friday

(3) read 10 articles for school

(4) read chapter on intonation

(5) studying and prep for qualifying exams


Dragon wrote “bless” which I suppose could work too. 🙂

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