Stepping back from writing for awhile

Hello fellow insecure writers!

This is my third time I’m experimenting with blog posting by recording my blog post and uploading the file for Dragon Dictate to transcribe it for me. Last time had quite a bit of issues, but I was driving and the phone was down in my lap, so maybe it was a little louder than it could’ve been.

And while we’re trying this whole thing, we’re sitting at the park and Minnie is supposed learn how to be patient while we sit outside, so we will see how this goes. They don’t have a long leash to wander around. In fact, they are on a short leash. We’ll see how long it takes for Minnie to get bored and start barking at me.

I’m afraid I have to acknowledge that I have too much on my plate right now.

Writing is going to have to take a backseat to my proposal, my qualifying exams, and exercising and other self-care kind of deals.

This kinda frustrates me, but if this dictation thing works out and I get better at it and Dragon’s accuracy increases, then maybe I can start dictating my scenes while I walk the dogs without my husband or while I’m walking to and from the bus. Of course, I may look like a crazy lady talking to myself. So, we’ll see.

It does fit with the Monica Leonelle’s Write Better Faster * and what seems to be a push towards dictation in a lot of the writing community. However, getting more words on the page will not help me to edit any faster.

But, if I’m writing shorter stories, then I can edit those more quickly. And, if I create a backlog of short stories over the school year that I dictate while I’m walking to and from the bus** or with the dogs, then when I have more time over the summer I can just edit the short stories and count those to my write 20 & sub 20 goal that I have. Also, I think just the practice of writing stories, or dictating stories, will make me a better writer in the long run stop

Minnie is a bored little puppy and is staring down a cat across the park.

I’m pretty sure Miss Fluffy is starting to get bored already.

Her sister’s laying down behind me in the grass under the bench and the little bossy butt who likes to walk a lot and doesn’t want to sit down ever is standing in front. So you can see Daisy here under the park bench just hanging out.

Dog laying under park bench

Happy as a clam!

I’m kind of frustrated that I have to give up my focus on writing when I feel like I was finally making traction. I mean not a lot, but a little bit. Three or four dollars a month is a great start. I got a lot of stories out there last year.

And, eventually, I’ll keep getting more out there. Just right now, there’s no way for me to write, walk the dogs all their exercise that they need, get my exercise two, keep a semi-clean house, get that quiet time I need as an introvert, and read my million articles that I have to read for my proposal in writing my literature review, and study for my qualifying exam. And, live life with other people and not being super irritable all the time and not get sick all the time because I’m overextending myself.

Something had to give.

That said, part of me feels like stepping back giving up. I know that’s not the case. It’s committing 100% to one of my other goals right now. And later, I can commit 100% writing. This thing a.k.a. Minnie, still hasn’t moved she’s doing really good for her sit still. The problem is she can do this at the park when no one’s here, but not when there’s a lot of other stuff going on. She wants to move and see things. She gets bored when she is not the center of attention.

I suspect that this post is long enough as it is…

So for now, I ask you, have you ever felt like stepping back is giving up even though you’re committing to something else for the time being? How do you balance writing with all of your other activities?

* This is an affiliate link. Click here to see my disclosure. 

**Side note, dragon wrote “while I’m walking to and from the bars” whoops!

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6 comments on “Stepping back from writing for awhile
  1. Robert says:

    I’m so slow to pick up new things–for this, I’m just amazed at your dedication. This blog, the tools you use for your craft, the amount of research and trial and error. There just awesome.

    And yes, this Dragon composed blog was much better at getting your statements correct. Probably was the car before.

    I do feel the same way about stepping back. It feels like a failure. But I think ive found that it actually makes us stronger. Breaks are never bad. And why you’re putting your time and energy into now is so important–and while large, fleeting. You’ll be done eventually and will have a huge accomplishment. And it will strengthen the things you’re putting on the back burner at the moment. God luck and keep the Dragon dictation going.

  2. Lynn says:

    So, after your third attempt at Dragon Dictate, what are your conclusions? Like it? Do you find you dictate with more ‘extra’ words? Do you think your creative writing has improved? or is better for factual writing. I’ve been curious about the dictate process, so I hope it works better than expected.

    • MelCorbett says:

      To be honest, I haven’t composed any fiction in it. Only a couple of blog posts. I attempted editing fiction with an earlier version, but that introduced a lot of errors. I know a lot of writers swear by dictation as wrist saving & time saving magic, but I’m really just starting to use it and see how it goes. So far, it seems to be working pretty well for blog posts.

      We’ll see how I feel when I start writing fiction in it. Monica Leonelle recommends starting with small non-fiction things like blogposts and working up to longer pieces and to fiction.

  3. I took 2003-2008 off from writing. During that time, I was going through a divorce and dating in my 30s was too stressful to write fiction. So I started a MySpace blog, which was how I got into blogging…and that gradually led me back to writing. And now I make a living writing blogs and articles for businesses…so without stepping away from writing for a while, I wouldn’t have taken this journey!

    • Melissa Corbett says:

      Thanks! That really helps hearing that stepping away from writing might just be what swings me back around to writing 🙂

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