IWSG: Avoiding Grad School Burnout


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So, I missed my goalsetting post two weeks in a row. It’s not that I didn’t set goals the last two weeks, it’s just that I didn’t post them.

Two weeks ago, I dictated my goals post, but it didn’t turn out because of too much background noise in the recording. So I didn’t take the time to go back type it out as I’m a little stress ball.

This week, I just didn’t dictate one yet. I did, however, set my weekly goals planner. My main goal that I need to finish by next Friday to finish writing my proposal.

Therefore, putting all my energy to my proposal.

I need to finish it by the end of the quarter, and ideally, I’d like to finish a draft this week so that I can turn it in and get feedback on it.

The problem is, and what makes us an Insecure Writer Support Group post, is I can’t seem to get more than 500 words a day. I set 500words/day as my goal for last week and it seems to be stuck in my head. Or else, find myself struggling and other obligations (like teaching) get in the way way.

Also my allergies are killing me. I work best when I can go outside the sun once in a while, but with all the trees in bloom, as soon as I walk outside I get clobbered tree pollen. I’ve been taking my Nasonex and Zyrtec once a day and Sudafed during the day, but by the afternoon I’m just wiped out and have a sinus headache that makes me want to just crawl into bed.

I’ve also been trying to respect a certain amount of unplug time (i.e. no computer or phone after 7pm, limiting my internet use, and only working during normal business hours, and having one day off a week). Intellectually, I know that setting boundaries like this makes me more productive in the time that I’m using to work, but I’ve been really struggling with this proposal lately and I’m trying not to fall back over the cliff into burnout land.

I’m hoping that this post turns out because I’m still riding my bike as I try to dictate it. That seems to be a problem last week in trying to dictate stuff.

Oh, here’s last week’s picture.

Acrylics painting women trees in bloom

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2 comments on “IWSG: Avoiding Grad School Burnout
  1. Juneta says:

    I don’t know why I had the hardest time getting to your site. I even tried the link in Holly’s forum in your signature. I just got a blank page. I finally try the one you used in the Blog Hop for your story and got here. Don’t know if there is a problem, or if it is just me.

    You sound busy. I have had some bouts with allergies too, hope yours are better. Sorry you’ve been feeling so much stress too.

    Hang in there
    Juneta @ Writer’s Gambit

  2. I struggle with allergies – I can relate! Don’t beat yourself up. Just do what you can.

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