Publishing Reboot

Okay all, I apologize for the radio silence for the last few months. There’s been a lot of changes going on recently.


The first change is very personal. πŸ˜€ My little one is here and has been here for about six and a half weeks. I feel like a crackhead. I sleep when he sleeps and am up at 2am editing and trying to get him to sleep.

Second, I’m getting ready to launch my fiction in a concerted effort. I’m launching the greatly expanded and redone Stories of the Alien Invasion series over the next few weeks, to be followed by the Urban Werewolf Series, Hunter, and, of course, Children of the Snake. I’ve pulled down previously published versions from Amazon.

Publishing dates are flexible, but I will launch the expanded Stories of the Alien Invasion Book 1 (a 17,000 word/100 page novella) next Friday (August 4, 2017)Β and then a new book every two weeks until all these trunk novels are live.

I love the cover for this first book! I’m super stoked to be moving forward with my fiction.


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