Ancient Aliens Inspired Apocalyptic Book Next Month

Next month I’m publishing Aliens in Our Way Book 1 [working title]. I’m planning on putting it up for pre-sale soon, so keep an eye on this page.

Aliens In Our Way draft cover

This series is in a post-apocalyptic world. There’s hints of dystopia in the first book, but the second and future books the dystopian feel really gets underway.

Of course aliens meddle in our progress as a species. Or rather… the story fits with the Zoo Hypothesis of the Fermi Paradox. Thousands of years ago, mysterious aliens set up Earth with an AI to monitor our development.

This AI protects the “peaceful” aliens from the violent, brutish humans and to keep us from going into space until we reach a level of non-violence.

The irony here is that these “peaceful” aliens programmed this AI to commit genocide against us again and again.

This monitor became our God.

The God of Noah who handpicked the least violent among us to keep humanity going. The God that created Jesus in hoping to create a cultural shift to love our neighbor… and was baffled by those whose genes he most wanted to populate throughout the Earth putting celibacy into their beliefs.

Maybe this is a flip take on religion, but in this book this monitor AI is interfering with us again and has decided to wipe us out in Biblical proportions.

On the one hand, this book ties in to my idea that Ancient Aliens doesn’t give humanity enough credit for our ancestors’ abilities and intelligence. Why couldn’t it be the other way, humanity built these megastructures and aliens stepped in and said, “Not in my backyard!”

I have to admit that the Ancient Aliens episode about the black death inspired me with big chunks of this plot. The AI wipes out most of humanity with a plague designed to kill off violent humans.  Those with genetic markers towards peacefulness are immune.

The first book follows Hunter, a woman whose life the monitor has directed before she as even born.

update: Check it out now on Amazon. 

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