I am fascinated by the question of what happes when our world mixes with other worlds, be they alien, magical, or paranormal. As a kid, I devoured Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles and Christopher Pike’s The Last Vampire series… in fact, after reading those books, I got my hands on everything that I could that had vampires or werewolves in it. My fiction centers on the results of our world bumping into the things that go bump in the night; vampires, aliens – ancient or otherwise, and shapeshifters transform our mundane world into a world of wild adventures.

When I’m not writing, I can be found studying, training for triathlons, or hanging out with my furbabies. My characters are often students or recent grads, athletes or swimmers of one sort or another, or pet owners… if they don’t turn furry themselves once in awhile.

science fiction, fantasy and paranormal fiction author Mel Corbett

Skydiving or flying?

I write science fiction, fantasy, and paranormal fiction.

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