In Our Skies: A Story of the Alien Invasion

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For years, Ken’s fellow airline pilots whispered stories of strange things in the skies when no one else was listening. He never believed their stories. He never thought aliens might be real.

Two weeks ago, when Ken’s copilot saw something pacing the plane, Ken laughed it off. But now, 40 minutes left on a long haul from England, San Francisco’s panicked air-traffic control demands they report anything weird in the skies right now.

Ken can’t laugh off aliens any more. Not when air traffic control is so spooked.

“In Our Skies,” a standalone flash story in the Stories of the Alien Invasion Universe, focuses on one man’s struggle to deliver his passengers safely to their destination before the aliens come for them.

In Our Skies is 99¢ on Amazon.

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I do not usually care for apocalyptic fiction but this very short story captured my interest and held my attention from beginning to end. Told it in the first person, the majority of the story is reflection interspersed with some interaction. The interaction lets the reader relate to the characters. But it is the reflection that slowly builds suspense and keeps the reader intrigued.

— SF-Fantasy Book Review