Taken – Invasion Survivors

Without warning, alien spaceships appear in our skies abducting entire cities. Their advanced technology crushes our defenses. On Earth, civilization collapses as humanity struggles to survive with the alien invaders capturing even the smallest groups of survivors. The alien apocalypse is upon us, and humanity cannot defend itself.

When the aliens invade, three women sacrifice their freedom in the struggle to save their loved ones. Is it worth it?

These women and millions of other abductees must mine a red substance. What do the aliens want with us? Is there anything humanity can do to save our freedom and ourselves?


Nausea gripped Rachel. She was spinning in the dark. She rolled onto her hands and knees, then forced her eyes open, but she couldn’t focus on anything. Others vomited in the dark. Finally, the room settled into focus. Others were crawling up onto their hands and knees like she was, a few people were standing. Some huddled against a far wall, staring at the new arrivals laying before them. An awful lot were laying on the ground not moving. No one wore shoes. They all wore footie pajamas, including Rachel. The shiny material ended at her wrists in a strange design. She didn’t remember changing; the last thing she remembered was… Nate!

She had to find Nate. Her boyfriend had been almost dead when they were taken. She crawled towards the nearest person: a woman. She tried moving to the next one. He was thin enough, but it wasn’t him either. She crawled to the next person, doing her best to ignore the nausea building in her stomach.

“Don’t bother,” a girl said.

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