Naomi Tretheway, Urban Werewolf

In this exciting series, Naomi Tretheway struggles to blend into city life without drawing too much attention to the fact that she’s a werewolf. This series is for fans of paranormal fiction who enjoy the werewolves, vampires, and other magical creatures without all the sex.


Book 1 : Capitol Kidnap

Naomi’s just your average girl: she goes to work, flirts with the cute guy at yoga, doesn’t want her mom’s help finding a man, and doesn’t want the world to know she’s a werewolf. Just one problem, her little brother’s been kidnapped and the kidnappers are going to torture him into shapeshifting and then kill him in public Monday morning. As Naomi tries to save her brother and her secret, she discovers that he’s not the only one who has been kidnapped.

Can Naomi protect her brother, her family, and her secret?

Find out now on Amazon.




Book 2: Mail Order Selkies

Urban Werewolf 2 - placeholder
After her mother disowns her and her boss fires her, Naomi’s searching for a new job, when a pregnant selkie hires her to find her pelt to escape her abusive husband. In searching for the pelt, Naomi stumbles across a power hungry witch and a sex trafficking ring that’s been kidnapping selkies up and down the coast.

Can Naomi find the selkie’s pelt before the witch catches up to her?

Find out on December 21, 2015. Pre-order now on Amazon.


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