The Redskull Invasion

I have several stories of the alien invasion, loosely inspired by Anne McCaffrey’s Freedom series (affiliate link). I read her books about ten (or more) years ago and they stewed in my twisted brain until they became this series.

In Anne McCaffrey’s series, humans are enslaved to colonize habitable worlds, but the stories are about hope and humanity freeing itself.

I wondered what happened during those mass abductions that McCaffrey mentions in two sentences in the opening scene:

“that spring morning when the Catteni ships had descended on Denver, one of fifty cities across the world that had been used as object lessons by the conquerors. One moment she was on her way to the college campus; the next, she was one of thousands of astonished and terrified Denverites being driven by force whips up the ramp of a spaceship that made the Queen Elizabeth look like a tub toy.”

What would happen on Earth after an alien invasion and mass alien abductions? What would abduction survivors tell each other in their holding pens? This series began to answer these questions. Now, though, it is becoming something terrible and dark.

In Our Skies, A Standalone Flash Story of the Redskull Invasion

When Aliens arrive, Ken has no choice but to be taken.

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In Our Skies,” a standalone flash story in the Redskull Invasion Universe, focuses on one man’s struggle to deliver his passengers safely to their destination before the aliens abduct them from the skies.

Taken: Redskull Invasion: Book 1

Redskull Invasion 1 Taken - 3d

Alien spaceships appear in our skies, crushing our defenses. On Earth, civilization collapses as humanity struggles to survive. The apocalypse is upon us, and humanity cannot defend itself.

College student Rachel and her boyfriend flee to the countryside, hoping to avoid the aliens. But living on the run isn’t easy – and the question is what will get them first, the aliens – or their own hunger.

Taken is the first novella in the Redskull Invasion series, where Rachel and others like her sacrifice and struggle to survive and protect their loved ones.

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