Short Stories


Broken Wands

and Other Magic Mishaps

Broken Wands-crooked-small

Four flash stories of magic and magical mishaps.

Kimmy and Meg find a magic wand and each wants it for herself.

Annie accidentally turns a man into a squirrel… won’t Mommy be so mad?

A dwarf struggles to make it to the palace on time for his performance.

Jane’s confronted by a zombie.

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Serena the Selkie


This sweet twist on the traditional selkie story takes place in the same world as Naomi Tretheway, Urban Werewolf. Serena is excited to leave the sea and visit the human world for the first time, but while she’s having her first taste of ice-cream, her seal-pelt is threatened. Can she stop the intruder from taking her pelt and her freedom?



Survivors of the mass alien invasions share their stories while imprisoned on the alien world. What do the aliens want? Why have they taken so many humans prisoner?

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Earthbound: Stories of the Alien Invasion N. 2

Alien invasion desert nevada area 51

On Earth, two teenage brothers struggle to find safe place to hide after their parents were abducted. What do the aliens want with us? Is there anything humanity can do to save our freedom and ourselves?


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