Serena the Selkie

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This sweet twist on the traditional selkie story takes place in the same world as Naomi Tretheway, Urban Werewolf. Serena is excited to leave the sea and visit the human world for the first time, but while she’s having her first taste of ice-cream, her seal-pelt is threatened. Can she stop the intruder from taking her pelt and her freedom?


Serena slid out of the water and into the cave behind her older sisters. They giggled and slipped out of their seal skins. She reached forward and pushed through the skin and fur of her chest to open her pelt.

Cold air struck at her core.

Her heart pounded in anticipation of her first visit to the human world. Meri grabbed her hand and pulled her to her feet.

Serena gasped.

Meri’s hand sent ripples through her unfamiliar fingers. Meri let go of her hand and tossed something at her. Serena caught the large crusty cloth, but lost her balance. Adrienne grabbed arm and steadied her.

“Careful,” Adrienne said.

“Wouldn’t want you to fall on your first day out,” Meri said.